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Some Things We Are Working On...

LUCA UI for Silverlight

Live Demo: Click Here

The source code and download on Codeplex: LUCA UI for Silverlight

The source code on Github: LUCA UI for Silverlight

This framework provides a set of Silverlight controls that allow developers to easily setup UI layouts, while at the same time allowing users to customize their preferences on-the-fly.

It's Open Source. And it's free.

The following controls are provided in the framework:

  • Menu
  • Window
  • Tabbed Window
  • LUCA StackPanel - A flexible, dockable container.
  • Toolbar

In addition to the controls, the framework provides other features:

  • Drag-and-Drop framework.
  • Advanced Xaml Query Extensions
  • Identicons
  • Silverlight Command Bindings
  • And More!
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